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Shannon Fleischfresser

Family + Youth Ministry Leader at Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

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Office Phone: 253.848.3680 ext. 104
Office hours: Monday – Wednesday (12pm-4pm)

Available with calls or texts
Cell Phone: 920.763.7812 -or- 253.256.3123


A word from Shannon

Sight is something that we don’t always stop to think about until we have to. For me, I have worn glasses since I was in the second grade. I don’t really remember a time that I didn’t need assistance from lenses to help me see clearly. There have been times through the years that I’ve hated my glasses and been frustrated, but never so much as the last 8-ish months.

As we’ve gone through COVID, my sight has become something that I think about a lot. There are more days than not, it seems, where at least once a day I am frustrated that I can’t see. The temperature outside has changed the temperature of the glass of my lenses and my breath is coming up from my mask and I am suddenly left with fog if I’m lucky or worse and I have to take the glasses off.

If you wear glasses, I’m sure that you can relate to this frustration. If not, I hope I’ve painted the picture for you. But what does any of this have to do with church, faith, and youth ministry?

Well, I always like to tell youth and families, that when we go out into the world, we have to in a way put on our God-lenses. If these God-lenses were like eyeglasses, they would change the way that we see the world around us, move the focus of where our eyes are accustomed to looking and sharpen the focus to the way we are supposed to see.

For many families around the world, the temperature has changed the temperature on our God-lenses and just breathing, just surviving this pandemic, has fogged up our glasses to the point that we can vaguely make things out or have just taken the glasses off.

I hope that as we all clean off our glasses and try again each day to see out of our God-lenses, that we can have grace for those who have had to take their glasses off and can’t see any hope or joy or love or peace, that we can rely on others to help us see when we can’t, and to know that no matter what has happened or where we have ended up – it’s never too late to put the glasses on again!

I hope that you will see what God is doing in the Family + Youth Program at Pilgrim this year and going forward!

Peace and Blessings,


Volunteers at Firgrove Elementary Harvest Party
Progressive Dinner
Fun at Catapult!
Elementary Extravaganza kids building sturdy towers.
Progressive Dinner
Pews full of Christmas gifts for local families.
Filling bags of food for Firgrove Weekend Backpack Program.
Community garden ready for planting!
Baby Kits for local refugees.
Adventure day at Round1.
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